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Get back up again - Chapter 2
            Sorry for any typos.. will check for spelling mistakes later. ;)
Nick coughed and sat up as he cleared his head. he looked around and spotted Ellis, crawling over he winced. his left leg was broken, but Ellis looked to be in even worse condition. Nick nudged Ellis lightly with his hand. Ellis didn't respond at first, so Nick waited and nudged him once more. "...Ellis?" Nick managed, and Ellis looked up, squinting through his left eye. his face was beaten up, as well as most of his body. Nick grabbed Ellis' medkit off of his back and rolled him gently onto his back. "Let Doctor Nick fix you up.." Nick said, and began to wrap Ellis up in bandages and heal him up. when he was done, it was if Ellis had been healed by some magical being. he jumped right up then helped Nick up. "Come on, Nick!" Ellis said cheerfully, shoving some Pills into Nicks hand. Nick nodded, taking the pills he followed Ellis back into the horribl
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PITY THE FOOL by PluckyCSherman PITY THE FOOL :iconpluckycsherman:PluckyCSherman 0 2
Reminiscing Pt.1
They say, every year, on a child's 8th Christmas, they are given a special "Companion" This Companion Is from space. when a Child acts poorly, or they misbehave, the council will take there Companion away, and the child will live Life without re-visiting the Planet.
Only special child's get this type of Companion, And some of the time they are given It later In life then others. But when almost Everything comes to an end, will It still stand?
Chapter 1
"Meryil," A femine voice came from downstairs as the girl, with a Neat french braid, strolled down the Stairs. She wore a lavender bath robe, witch wrapped around her PJ's. "Meryil, Hurry." Her mother asked, and Meryil slid down the Banister, on side saddle, like you would a horse. "You said to hurry." Meryil smirked, and walked pass her mother. She came Into a living room, with a large large christmas tree set up. There were many gifts, but one Very, VERY big. It was marked "Meryil."
Now, Meryil, wasn't much for Christmas. she
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Terry the boomer by PluckyCSherman Terry the boomer :iconpluckycsherman:PluckyCSherman 1 3
What bad at titles
Shaun navigated his room in the dark before flopping backwards onto his bed. He stared at the ceiling, still in his clothes he didn't bother to get changed. He let his mind wander and began to think of the war between the assassin and the Templars a few years back, he remembered the people – whom he considered his friends; although would never admit it – who lost their lives just for this. The Templars – or 'Abstergo' as the world knew them – Ran the world now. Or most of it anyway; one of the only places to go and hide was Europe. And it wouldn't be long before they got there, too. Shaun particularly remembered Rebecca – although they both had their moments, she was still one of the best friends he could have. She saved him, and he didn't return the favour. Shaun rolled onto his right side, putting his right arm under his pillow he pushed it up into the side of his head firmly. Shaun was alone, he knew that, but he still held back his tears. Shaun out stretche
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Happy 16th Birthday Sis by PluckyCSherman Happy 16th Birthday Sis :iconpluckycsherman:PluckyCSherman 0 0 My third devination meme by PluckyCSherman My third devination meme :iconpluckycsherman:PluckyCSherman 2 8
Get back up again Chapter 1
                                                  Get Back Up Again
       Please check out the description if you're lost :) which you probably will be! xD
                                         This is dedicated to Rochelle, Coach,
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Lucille, The stick person. by PluckyCSherman Lucille, The stick person. :iconpluckycsherman:PluckyCSherman 2 5


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Refried Xenophob
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My sister will thank me when shes rich & famous, just saying.
now to continue;
I am going to a youth thing tonight blaaahhh.
my new pathfinder leaders are chill.
i was watching this cute little youtube video, its called "How to say I love you" and it was really nicely put together. I love it. great editing and good lens choice. doesn't feel like a infomercial.
my skink is giving off signs she is ready to give birth any day now so its just the patient game now. xD I am hoping that eventually yeahyehayha bye.
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Hey its :icondestiny111:


I would love to rp xmen with you on this account if that's alright



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